Portfolio Landlords

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The definition of a portfolio landlord is simple- a landlord who has 4 or more mortgaged buy to let properties.

The properties will be taken into consideration for lenders in their assessment and the products available on a buy to let basis will vary as some will not consider lending to portfolio landlords. The lending watchdog says these landlords should be treated in a different, more sophisticated way by lenders, largely because they have more market experience and property knowledge.

Unlike landlords with just a couple of properties, factors will be taken into consideration such as the cash flow across the properties, experience within the buy to let market, assets, liabilities and even the location of properties.

Each lender has their own interpretation of the portfolio regulation and they all differ on how they assess the risk on background properties. A portfolio landlord who wants to refinance would most likely find 10 significantly varying loan amount offerings if they approached 10 different lenders!

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